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Statement of Intended Social and Environmental Impact

“As a law firm specializing in estate planning and heirs property, the Gragg Law Firm, PLLC directly and indirectly impacts environmental and community conditions. As stakeholders in both these aspects, we strive to be responsible citizens through ethical business operations. It is our policy that we do not handle matters that could have harmful outcomes to people and the planet, and that we expand our roles of stewards beyond the scope of our law practice.”


The Gragg Law Firm, PLLC recognizes its role to be an environmental steward and strives to uphold such a responsibility. In servings its clients, the firm does not handle matters associated with harmful environmental impacts. In operating the practice, the firm has adopted stewardship practices and is ecologically mindful in its management.

Clean Energy Impact

The Gragg Law Firm, PLLC enrolls its electricity usage with Arcadia Power, a Green-e Certified energy company which pays back its members’ locally-supplied kWh usage with investments of renewable kWhs into the national grid.

Virtual Office Stewardship Policy

The Gragg Law Firm, PLLC has in place a virtual office stewardship policy, by which its employees are to adhere. The policy includes principles for materials and supply purchasing and waste management, as well as providing employees with additional resources and business partners with which stewardship can be maintained.


The Gragg Law Firm, PLLC is dedicated to using its resources and capabilities to better the community. Guided by established philanthropic policies and responsible citizenship, Gragg Law Firm provides charitable financial assistance, pro bono services, and encourages and actively participates in volunteering.

Corporate Giving

The Gragg Law Firm, PLLC makes monetary philanthropic commitments to 501(c)(3) organizations through one-time donations, continuing contribution commitments, and an employee donation matching policy.

Pro Bono Services

With a portion of the firm’s clients having low to moderate wealth, The Gragg Law Firm, PLLC provides extensive pro bono services to the community and is able to serve crucial needs.


The Gragg Law Firm, PLLC encourages a philanthropic culture with an incentivized employee volunteer policy, and by providing corporate volunteer opportunities for both employee and executive participation.